T.T.M. S.r.l. has a strong research and development, which has led, in few years from its establishment, to become a strong design support and the continuing demand of the construction industry.

T.T.M. S.r.l. holds patents in Geotechnical Engineering and holds a strong propensity for research and development of new solutions for applications in the construction world.
The study of new solutions and applications that can meet the diverse needs has resulted in achieving the recent results:

  • ETA certifications for systems of post-voltage single and multi-strand Bonded and Unbonded, achieved with the support of the EMPA laboratories in Zurich and Milan Polytechnic.
  • CE marking for post tension systems mono and multi strand Bonded and Unbonded.
  • Innovative systems for total protection to oxidation for single and multi-strand anchors.
  • First Italian company to obtain the Technical Qualification for use in the production of anchors temporary and permanent with reference to DM 14-01-2008.
  • First company in Europe to offer the possibility to companies to adopt systems of post-tensioning compact strand T15C, thus reducing the total number of strands this anchoring.
  • Qualification of the post-tensioning system up to 43 strands with reference to guideline AASHTO American.
    Design and production of its jacks and pump for the operations of post- tensioning systems single or multi-strand and tie for the geotechnical.
  • Internal development of the calibration system for tensioning equipment.
  • National and European patents in Geotechnical.

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